keep your lashes happy…

Now that your lashes are long, thick and beautiful, follow these easy care instructions and they can last indefinitely with regular touch-ups.

To maintain this look and extend the life of your lashes:

Avoid steam for 48 hours after lash application. Do not swim or spa for 48 hours after lash application to allow adequate time for bonding. Be gentle with your lashes.

Avoid rubbing and pulling your eyelashes. Avoid oil-based and waterproof mascara. Regular mascara is not recommended for use as it will dissolve the bond with the lashes. 

Avoid any creams, eye makeup removers, lotions, sunscreens or cleansers containing oils on or near eyelashes. Oils can loosen the bond of lash extensions. Care must be taken to apply eye cream sparingly with avoidance of the lash line area.

Do NOT use an eyelash curler on your extensions.

I recommend touch-up appointments every 2-4 weeks, to fill in the areas where the natural lashes has fallen out and new lashes are growing in.

optimal brow healing…


The day of the treatment: ABSORB

Gently blot the area with clean tissue to absorb excess lymph fluid. Do this every 30 minutes for the full day until oozing has stopped. Removing this fluid prevents hardening of the lymph.

The #1 rule for eyebrows with microbladed hair strokes is a dry heal. If you get them wet, sweat excessively or use anti-aging/acne products on the treated area during the healing process, you can end up with blurry or faint hair strokes. Salt and chlorine can cause your tattoo to fade or change color – so it is imperative to avoid sweating and swimming.


You must keep your brows free from all water, sweat and products.

For the first 2 days, do not wash your hair at all or in a traditional manner in the shower

(salon washes or dry shampoos are great alternatives).

For days 3-10, you can wash your hair in the shower but be sure to use sticky visor


Do not rub, scratch, or pick at the treated area – this can cause scarring or pull out pigment causing premature fading.

If you must tend to an itch, gently pat the area.

Remember that your cosmetic tattoo is a wound that is healing – treat it with care like any other wound. Clean hands are a must!

During the 10 day healing period, do not apply any products to the treated area. This includes make up, moisturizers, ointments and cleansers.

During the first month, do not scrub or exfoliate the treated area.

Let any scabs fall off naturally.

For the life of the tattoo, never use the following products on the treated area: anti-aging, anti-acne, Retinol, renewal, skin-brightening, chemical peels, and heavy oil moisturizers. You can still use these products on the rest of your face, but avoid the eyebrows.

The better you care for your new brows,

the better they’ll look and the longer they’ll last!